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Cedars Ski Resort

It is located in North-Lebanon (two hours far from Beirut). It is the oldest winter sports centre in Lebanon. Due to its high altitude (between 2000m and 3000m), this station has a slightly longer season than the others and happens to open its doors from the middle of November until the end of April.

Cross-country skiing is practised in the Cedars and this station has a particular charm that attracts a great number of skiers in the world. Moreover, the evenings in the Cedars’ hotels – like Cedrus Hotel, 4 stars, Chbat Hotel, 3 stars – after a long exhausting day, are of a great tranquillity; Visitors can enjoy playing cards or board games under the shining stars...And for those who desire to stay up till dawn, restaurants and nightclubs are surely available.


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El-Arz (Cedars), Becharreh, North Lebanon, Lebanon