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Stone Of The Pregnant Women

Weighing approximately 1000 tons, and sitting on a nearby quarry 800 meters from the town of baalbeck, lies the Stone of the Pregnant Woman. It is rumored that this stone got its name after a pregnant woman who persuaded the inhabitants of Baalbeck that she will move the enormous heavy pillar if they supplied her with food and drink until she gave birth.

Known in Arabic as ‘Hadjar al-Hibla’, others claim the name originated from an old belief that any woman who touches the gigantic rock will turn fertile.

Some people regard the name of the stone to be originated from legends of djinns that were required to carve and move the stone.

We all have the option to believe any of the stories out there, but nevertheless the art of studying ancient ruins has proven and confirms that the Stone of the Pregnant Women as well as another big rock next to it are among the bulkiest monoliths ever discovered


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Baalbek, Baalbek , Beqaa, Lebanon