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Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque

Located in the heart of the Martyrs Square, this Mosque is unique because of its Ottoman and Arab architectural style. It conceals an empty center that is totally covered by a cupola (a 9778 m2 area that includes the inferior floors and the mezzanines). It has three entrances from the East, the North, and the West. One can enter the exterior room either from the Martyrs Square or from the North side, location of the axial entrance in the direction of the Qubla (that also includes ablution facilities).

The mosque has four minarets (65 meters-high). The roof is 16-meters-high and reaches 20 meters at the central cupola. It can welcome up to 6250 believers, and up to 4200 people in the ground floor. The mosque is very close to the grave of the former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri (assassinated on February 14, 2005).


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Downtown, Beirut