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Byblos Port

Considered by the citizens of Lebanon as the most aged harbor in the world, Byblos Port remains an iconic landmark of Ancient Lebanon. The harbor was the most valuable and significant timber shipping intermediary in the east of the Mediterranean.

It was built around 3000 BC, upon overlaying blankets of remnants that date to the early Stone Age and extends to the further ahead Ottoman Era. The Old Port of Byblos was practically ignored for hundreds of years which made it an easy target for the ravaging, storming and plundering crusaders in 1098 CE.

The Phoenicians occupied the Old Port and used it to export their local wine, Cedars of Lebanon and other commodities in addition to importing various goods. The wood of the Cedars of Lebanon were long ago used by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to build ships and construct tombs.

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Ancient City, Byblos, Jbeil , Mount Lebanon, Lebanon