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Fossil Hunt and Sunset in Jezzine
Fossil Hunt and Sunset in Jezzine
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Fossil Hunt and Sunset in Jezzine
Credit: Habib Helou

This is an excellent family-friendly activity to embark on in the Jezzine region and the cliffs of Haytoura. Armed with magnifying glasses, we can scour the area for fascinating sea creatures' fossils, such as ammonites and starfish, embedded in the rocks. These fossils serve as evidence of the Titus Sea's former presence, which once stretched across this region during the Jurassic era.

Our knowledgeable guide, Habib Helou, accompanies us and provides us with all the explanations necessary to gain a complete understanding of the fossils and rocks we encounter. For children and young adults, this experience can be likened to a hands-on science lab in nature! It's recommended to bring along a smartphone or camera to capture and preserve all the exciting discoveries made during the activity.

During the activity, it's advised to bring a snack to enjoy during a break.

In the late afternoon, this fossil exploration also provides the perfect opportunity for a scenic walk. Following the fossil discovery, we venture onto the aptly named Sunset High trail, leading to a breathtaking panoramic viewpoint, where we can witness a stunning sunset. The 360-degree view allows us to marvel at the Mediterranean Sea, Mount Hermon, and the ranges of Barouk, Niha, and Sannine - an extraordinary experience indeed.

What you will see during this activity...
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Activity suggested by :
Adult rate: 40$
Jezzine District, South Governorate
Meeting Information
Appointment time:16:00
Meeting place:Jezzine Municipality
Supervised Activity:Yes
Participants:10 - 12 personnes
Duration:3 hours
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable clothes