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Walk to discover the mythical Qadisha Valley
Walk to discover the mythical Qadisha Valley
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Walk to discover the mythical Qadisha Valley
Embark on a remarkable day trip from Qozhaya to Bcharré and traverse the enchanting Qadisha Valley, where the stunning views and monasteries in region will leave an indelible impression on your memory. Unveil the beauty of Qannoubine and immerse yourself in its mythical ambiance.

We meet at 9:30 am at the Saint Antoine de Qozhaya convent (Earlier arrival is optional if you wish to visit the premises).

At 10 am, we leave the convent and go to Qannoubine via Freidis, where there is a farm and the perfect spot for a short break.

We continue to the monastery of Saint Marina. We discover a cave and a cemetery where there are 17 rather special tombs: here are indeed buried 17 former Maronite patriarchs.

The walk continues towards an old Patriarchate, the Notre Dame de Qannoubine monastery. Built on the mountainside, as if embedded in the rock, it overlooks the valley. At the same time impressive and soothing, it testifies to the presence of men in the heart of nature that is both wild and protective.

We continue our journey to the Abou Joseph restaurant, where we savor a typical Lebanese meal, enjoying a magnificent landscape.

After lunch, we head back to Qadisha Valley via route Saint Elichaa. Here again, we are faced with a breathtaking view, with this monastery which seems to have been carved from the mountain. Isolated, the place appears to draw from the rock a mesmerizing strength.

We finally arrive at the village of Bcharré, where the majestic Cedars of Lebanon await us. You can rest for a while and visit the shops in the village.

The ride is coming to an end. The bravest can set off again on foot with Pierre towards Qozhaya, or you can choose to return by bus! Either way, everyone will take home unforgettable memories.

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Activity suggested by :
Holy Site , Valley
Qadisha Valley
Becharre District, North Governorate
Meeting Information
Appointment time:09:30
Supervised Activity:Yes
Duration:6 hours
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes