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Gourmet walk to discover the Street Food of Tripoli
Gourmet walk to discover the Street Food of Tripoli
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Gourmet walk to discover the Street Food of Tripoli

Food lovers, brace yourselves for a remarkable culinary adventure as we explore the vibrant street food scene of Tripoli - the bustling metropolis situated in the northern region of Lebanon.

We start with a traditional breakfast, with Tripolitan specialties such as hummus and beans (a Vegan dish), followed by a "kaak", a kind of bread sold in the streets of the city. A little further, we enjoy tasty falafels. We treat ourselves to a comforting Moghrabiye, a cousin of couscous, with its wheat semolina balls. Don't forget the exquisite taste of carob or date juice (jallab). And for dessert, it's impossible to ignore the typical sweets of Tripoli, filled with "ashta" (the milk cream of sheep, goat, or cow).

Those who pay attention to their figure should not worry too much; the tasting of all these delicious things will be largely compensated by the walk in which I take you through the city! On the program you’ll enjoy the old souk, the hammams, the khans, and all the craft shops of Tipoli.

During the walk, you will enjoy:
  • Maliziye (hummus & beans)
  • Kaake
  • Falafel
  • Sfiha
  • Moghrabiye
  • Carob juice
  • Jellab juice (dates)
  • Jazariye
  • Halawet Jebn
  • Halawet Shmayse
  • Ashta Cream Pastries
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Activity suggested by :
Tarif Individuel: 145$
Tripoli District, North Governorate
Supervised Activity:Yes
Duration:3h30 to 4h00
Niveau de difficulté : Facile
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes