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Meeting with a local producer of organic fruits, vegetables, and honey
Meeting with a local producer of organic fruits, vegetables, and honey
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Meeting with a local producer of organic fruits, vegetables, and honey

Welcome to Raed's farm, where you can discover the secrets of traditional agriculture, learn about seasonal cultivation of fruits and vegetables, and experience the production of mountain honey firsthand. Raed will be delighted to share his knowledge and expertise with you.

At Raed's farm, we'll spend a few hours immersing ourselves in the earth to gain a deeper understanding of its nourishing properties. It's a chance to reconnect with the timeless traditions of the Lebanese mountains, where people worked the land and harvested wheat, and preserved food (known as "Mouné") for the winter using age-old techniques. There's a sense of nostalgia in these practices - they take us back to a time when life was simpler and more wholesome.

What if these traditional practices still hold great value today? At Raed's farm, we'll have the chance to find out for ourselves. As we explore the fields, we can pick and choose from a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as cherries, mountain tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans, as well as parsley, potatoes, onions, and zucchini.

Depending on the time of year, we may also be able to gather apples, plums, grapes, figs, persimmons, or kiwis. And let's not forget about the delightful chestnuts that are in season during fall! Rest assured; you'll leave Raed's farm with much more than just a newfound appreciation for traditional farming techniques.


Discover the art of working the land and harvesting fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

  • Explore the agricultural heritage of the past with a visit to Raed's nearby house and discover traditional tools used by farmers to cultivate the land. Learn how to prepare mouné for the winter and how to cultivate and process wheat.
  • Embark on a nature activity with your family and pick fresh organic fruits and vegetables from the agricultural lands. Children will especially enjoy this fun and educational experience. You can purchase the produce you pick at half the market price.
  • In addition, learn about land irrigation techniques using small basins to collect rainwater.

Experience the fascinating world of beekeeping and honey production with a visit to the apiary.

  • We will dress in a beekeeper's suit for safety and listen to Raed's explanations on how to handle the "Manfakh" and use the "smoker" to calm the bees before approaching the hive.
  • At the hive, we will observe the cells and learn about the queen and her role in the hive, as well as the various stages of a bee's life from egg to adulthood.
  • We can also taste hot honey directly from the comb, which is kept at a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, and sample pollen until the end of June.
It's a unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of bees and their essential role in our ecosystem.
We leave Raed's farm with our arms full of organic local products, and our heads filled with everything we have learned!
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Activity suggested by :
Chouf District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Meeting Information
Meeting place:Raed's Farm
Supervised Activity:Yes
Duration:2h30 to 3h00
Take a hat or a cap
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes