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The Millennial Olive Trees Tour
The Millennial Olive Trees Tour
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The Millennial Olive Trees Tour
An authentic village harvesting and rural living adventure, the Millennial Olive Trees Tour connects visitors with local farmers and village inhabitants to sample a popular traditional rural pastime: the family harvest picnic.
  • Preparing and packing the ‘Zouwadeh’ (traditional lunch box)
  • Visit to the Millennial Olive Trees
  • Souvenir photos photoshoot in the traditional Lebanese farmer costume
  • Twenty-minute hike through an oak forest to reach the olive orchard
  • Harvest traditional picnic with a beautiful set-up in nature
  • The tour ends at the gift shop
  • Normally a 5-hour activity. It can be extended to a full day or to a couple of days depending on the number and type of additional activities that the guest chooses.
  • The best time to begin the activity is between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
  • The experiences are available April till November with few additional activities unique to the olive season (November).
In addition to the offered experience package, the group can choose additional activities from the below list for an extra charge.


  • Soap-making: Guests learn about soap making and assist a local crafts-man in making soap.
  • Olive tree wood carving: Guests learn about the olive wood carving and engage in it under the supervision of a local crafts-woman.


  • Cooking class and competition: Guests learn about the traditional Bchaalenian cuisine, cook a traditional meal in olive oil, and participate in a cooking competition for a prize, under the supervision of a professional local chef.
  • Olive and / or olive oil tasting: Guests engage in tasting. They learn about different types of olives and olive oil, their benefits, how to make them and how to taste them.


  • Hiking Bchaaleh Trails: Guests get to witness Bchaaleh’s beautiful olive orchards and nature by choosing between 7 trails of different levels. It is to mention that BTA can organize a hike in nature for individuals with disabilities using a Joëlette wheelchair, in collaboration with the Lebanon Mountain Trails Association (LMTA) and with professional trained guides.
  • Climbing: Adventure lovers can opt for a climbing experience in Bchaaleh with an easy to moderate level.

Olive Season Activities (November)

  • Olive picking: Guests participate with locals in the traditional way olive picking.
  • Olive Pickling Class: Guests learn how to pickle different types of olives with different stuffing.
  • Olive Mills Visit: Guests learn about olive oil extraction by visiting olive mills: one traditional and one modern.
Family, friends, all ages, people with disabilities, culture curious, culinary enthusiasts, food lovers, tradition lovers, agriculture enthusiasts, nature lovers, hiking lovers, responsible tourists, ecotourism, adventure tourism...

  • Discovery of the authentic “Zouwedeh” (traditional lunch box).
  • Delicious traditional picnic lunch with the most beautiful set-up in nature.
  • Visit to the Millennial Olive Trees of Noah.
  • Souvenir photo in traditional Lebanese farmer’s costume.
  • Guided 20 minutes easy hike
  • Additional optional experiences can be selected from the options list for an extra $30 per activity.

Transportation to Bchaaleh village, insurance and accommodation.
Local accommodation can be arranged for additional cost.
What you will see during this activity...
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Activity suggested by :
Bchaaleh Trails Association
Bchaaleh Village
Batroun District, North Governorate
Supervised Activity:Yes
Age Limit:all ages
Duration:5 hours