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Ishtar Winery

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Ishtar Winery

Ishtar Winery, to be the first wine production in Koura, committed in making the finest organic wines in Lebanon. Our wines are made of grapes coming from different vineyards and altitudes mainly planted in Dar Baachtar. A unique taste to enjoy in every occasion.

A winery that is born from the soil of Lebanon, the soil of our ancestors! Our logo represents us and represents our love and passion for Lebanon's grapes. The logo shows the 3 key elements that go in the process of creating wine; the Sun, the Soil and the People.

Giving you a taste of authenticity, hard work and passion. Ishtar winery produces red, rosé and white wines. We also produce Arak the traditional Lebanese alcohol drink extracted from grapes. And since Koura district is particularly known for its olive cultivation and of oil production, Ishtar winery also produces top quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Main Road
Darbechtar +
Koura District, North Governorate
Koura & Zgharta
Koura & Zgharta
Get in touch with us
+961 9 851 926
+961 3 488 057