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Byblos Crusader Citadel

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Historical site
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Byblos Crusader Citadel

This castle, which belonged to the Embriaco family, was constructed in the 12th century by the Crusaders using primitive limestone and remnants of Roman structures. The Embriaco family were the dukes and lords of Gibelet, which was the name given to Byblos by the Crusaders.

Captured and dismantled by Saladin, the sultan of Egypt and Syria, in the late 1180’s and later rebuilt and recaptured by the crusaders in 1197, the castle of Byblos stands as an iconic structure of culture and heritage and is easily accessible to visitors and tourists.

The rooftop of the Crusaders' castle provides an extraordinary panoramic view of the neighboring and surrounding fields, accessible via a stone staircase that opens the heart and mind to the beauty of the surroundings. Upon entering the castle, visitors can explore a small museum and a room that provides information about the rich history of this ancient and authentic terrain, adding to the allure of this antique structure.

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Discovering Byblos
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Old Town
Byblos +
Jbeil District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Jbeil District
Jbeil District
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Archaeological site , Historical site
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12th century