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Roman Theater - Byblos

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Historical site
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Roman Theater - Byblos

Constructed in the 3rd century AD, the Roman theater lies to the west of the Temple of Baalat Gebal. Unlike the Greek theaters that were built into the slope, this theater was entirely man-made. The structure stands 20 meters tall and features 30 steps, although its latest renovation has reduced it to only one-third of its original size.

The theater is divided into two parts: the orchestra, a semi-circular stage where actors and entertainers performed, and the auditorium, where audiences could comfortably observe ceremonies and parades. The first three rows of the auditorium were reserved for important and highly respected figures.

Still present on the orchestra are shrines that were used to burn incense as offerings to the gods. The theater was discovered during an excavation in the 1920s and has since become an important site for visitors to learn about the history of the area.

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Discovering Byblos
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Jbeil District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
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