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Kanaan Mansion

Historical site
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Kanaan Mansion
Credit: Habib Helou
A historical mansion built in 1892 by Soleiman bey Kanaan, a Lebanese nationalist known for freeing the inhabitants of the Jezzine region from the feudal landlords of that time. You can explore the mansion and a replica of a historical document that grants the inhabitants full ownership of their lands and homes. Soleiman Kanaan was exiled twice: in 1915 by the Ottomans and again in 1920 by the French.

He was also the sole elected Lebanese to speak for Lebanon against the French mandate in a League of Nations’ General Assembly in Geneva. His son Maroun pursued his political struggle as he was among the seven parliament members who drew and signed the present Lebanese flag, and drafted a memorandum against the French occupation in November 1943.

Maroun Kanaan was commemorated by the Republic of Lebanon on many occasions, and he is considered a hero of the independence. In 1924, Boulos Kanaan brought Jezzine electricity generated from the waterfall, at a time when a big part of Lebanon was still in the dark; this is why the office of “Electricité du Liban” is still on the ground floor of the mansion. The edifice, with its flowing arcades, is one of the region’s jewels.

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Jezzine District, South Governorate
Jezzine District
Jezzine District
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