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Khân Al-Misriyyîn

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Khân Al-Misriyyîn also known as Caravansary of the Egyptians was constructed around the first half of the 14th Century. It is located at the left side of the Abu Ali River, in the commercial center of the city and faces the Khan Al-Khayyatin across the street. There were strong economic ties and trade between the newly founded city of Tripoli and Mamluk capital of Cairo thus the khan was built in the center of the city to accommodate merchants. It displays all the characteristics of a Muslim khan as the central courtyard is paved, and has a simple square fountain in the center.

It is built on two floors around a square courtyard of about 10 by 14 meters and is entered by two symmetrical arranged gates that connect it to the busy city outside. The south-eastern gate projects beyond the square building and provides the only staircase leading to the upper floor. It is surrounded by the ground-floor shops and storage areas, most of which are still in use today.

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