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Khan Sacy

Historical site
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Khan Sacy

The Khan Sacy in Saida dates back to the Crusader period (1099-1291). This interesting building, unique in its kind and contemporary with the nearby Castle of the Sea, is an essential vestige of Sidonian heritage that helps us understand the history of the city.

Situated north of the old town, below the level of El Moutran Street, it comprises of several well-restored vaulted rooms that have undergone multiple transformations over time.
Recently renovated and rehabilitated since 2012, the Khan Sacy has revealed many treasures from after medieval times, such as two beautifully preserved hammams from the Mamluk period (1201-1517) with their domes and unique bottle-shaped openings that illuminate the space. Additionally, two boreholes of different architectural styles, a third well located in the left wing, a multipurpose oven from the Ottoman period (1517 - 1918), a storage room with paved floors, and several terracotta objects from different eras were also discovered.

Above the khan, one can see the Kasr Sacy, an Arab-Ottoman style residence built in 1721 by Ali Agha Hammoud, an Ottoman dignitary of Moroccan origin. The Kasr Sacy occupies the western part of the split residence, which occurred at the end of the 18th century.

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Al Moutran Street
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Sidon District, South Governorate
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