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L-Shaped Temple

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Historical site
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L-Shaped Temple
Credit: Marcelle Saliba

The L-shaped temple, located at the archaeological site of Byblos, was built around 2700 BCE.

The Temple of the Obelisks was built on top of it before being revealed and moved to its current location by archaeologists.

Comprising two buildings and a courtyard containing a sanctuary, it was erected at the foot of a sacred pond. The L-shaped temple was dedicated to a deity that has not yet been identified by experts. It is important to note that the temple was burned down by the Amorites during the conquest of the city before being partially reconstructed.

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Discovering Byblos
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Byblos +
Jbeil District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Jbeil District
Jbeil District
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Archaeological site , Historical site
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3rd millennium BC