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The Tower of Lions

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The Tower of Lions
Credit: Bassam Nahas

The Tower of Lions, situated at the eastern end of Tripoli's port in northern Lebanon, was built during the mid-15th century Mamluk period to safeguard the city. This small fortress, named after the lion-shaped reliefs that decorated its facade, is well-preserved compared to other coastal towers and fortresses. Roman remnants were also integrated into its construction, including columns within the walls that support the portico. The tower exemplifies Mamluk military architecture, with a porch distinguished by alternating black and light-colored stones. Inside, the remains of a large room can still be seen, with sculptures and painted coats of arms hinting at its former grandeur.

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El-Mina +
Tripoli District, North Governorate
Tripoli & Denniyeh
Tripoli & Denniyeh
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15th century