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Sidon Sea Castle

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Sidon Sea Castle
A 13th Century Crusaders castle

Sidon Sea Castle, located near the Port of Sidon, is a 13th-century fortress constructed by the Crusaders. The castle was built on a small island that is connected to the mainland by a causeway. Through artificial reconstruction, the castle has been preserved as a true landmark of beauty and elegance.

Currently, the remaining structure of Sidon Sea Castle is composed of two towers connected by a wall. Roman columns were utilized as horizontal reinforcements in the outer walls, a common construction method found in fortifications built in or near previous Roman sites.

The west tower is in better condition and is more carefully maintained than the other tower. However, only a few remnants of the castle's once-decorative foundations can be found. After the fall of Acre to the Mamluks, the majority of the castles on the seaside were destroyed to prevent the invading crusaders from recapturing the coast.

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