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Smar Jbeil Citadel

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Smar Jbeil Citadel

The fortress of Smar Jbeil is located just above Batroun, at an altitude of 500 meters, in the village of the same name. This castle is relatively little known, yet it was built on what is believed to be one of the oldest human settlements in Lebanon. The Smar Jbeil castle was thus built during the Phoenician era, before being taken by the Persians (in -550). Then the Greeks and Romans followed, as is often the case with other historical constructions in Lebanon.

It should be noted that the village of Smar Jbeil was particularly coveted because it offered an exceptional view, from the Cedars of Bcharre to the sea. The places were also used by the first Maronite Christians who could thus see the Byzantine armies approaching from afar.

In the 9th century, the castle was taken by the Arabs, then retaken by the Crusaders who strengthened it and built a chapel in the western part of the fortress. This is connected to the surrounding valleys by tunnels. In the 13th century, the fortress was taken by the Mamluks. Three centuries later, by the Ottomans, who built a mosque. The Maronites then returned to live in Smar Jbeil.

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Batroun District, North Governorate
Batroun District
Batroun District
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