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Temple of the Nemesis Goddess

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Historical site
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Temple of the Nemesis Goddess
Credit: Municipalité de Menjez

The Greco-Roman Temple of Nemesis in Menjez (Akkar, Lebanon) was unearthed in the early 1970s through excavations conducted by the General Directorate of Antiquities, which also uncovered a trove of archaeological treasures such as statues, copper objects, gold and silver jewelry, and busts of women. However, the site was heavily damaged and pillaged during the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990).

Although the temple's origins remain uncertain, some speculate that it may have been partly dedicated to the god Apollo because eagle symbols, which are often associated with him, are carved on several columns. Alternatively, the temple might have been named after Nemesis, the goddess of revenge and divine retribution, to whom it is currently attributed.

Constructed using black basalt stones, the Temple of Nemesis was a revered pilgrimage site in Antiquity and a significant point of passage for travelers traveling from the coast to the interior. Facing south, the temple's entrance led to an altar where pilgrims could offer their offerings.

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