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Temple of the Obelisks

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Historical site
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Temple of the Obelisks
The Temple of the Obelisks, also known as the Temple of the male divinity, was constructed between 1900-1600 BC and is located within a sacred enclosure that is connected to a vast courtyard. At the heart of the temple is a large obelisk, which serves as a powerful symbol of divinity. The obelisk is surrounded by smaller structures that were also dedicated to the temple's deity.

One of the most significant discoveries made in the area of the ancient temple was a collection of miniature bronze statues shaped like human beings and coated with gold. These remarkable statues were uncovered during excavations and are now displayed at Beirut's National Museum. Their discovery provides valuable insight into the religious beliefs and artistic practices of the people who built and worshipped at the Temple of the Obelisks.

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Discovering Byblos
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Old Town
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Jbeil District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Jbeil District
Jbeil District
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2d millennium BC