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The Phoenician Wall

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The Phoenician Wall

The Ancient Phoenician Wall was built by the Phoenician Inhabitants with the intention of protecting themselves, their land and houses from incoming vigorous tidal waves, and still stands proud today despite being only 20% of its original size and stretch.

The Sea wall was formerly a natural structure made up of solidified and fossilized sand and was later reinforced, strengthened and fortified by the Phoenicians. Rocks were added in a long process until the wall formed its present shape in the 1st Century BC.

The Present shape of the wall is 225 meters long and around 1 to 1.5 meters thick. The old and vintage part of Batroun was constructed using sandstone out of the grand Phoenician wall, which was originally more that 1km long and about 5 meters high.

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Batroun District, North Governorate
Batroun District
Batroun District
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