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Tower of Claudius

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Tower of Claudius
Built during the 1st century AD, this area includes three monuments; the most important being the tower; all that remains of it is the ground floor. We don’t know exactly what the tower was used for. At first it was thought that the tower had a funerary function, and then that it might have been used to watch the surrounding areas. Today, most experts think it was a religious monument.
About 50 meters away, is the great altar, with its square base of 5.30 meters from each side. The altar was a ruin when a German archaeological mission decided to restore it in the early 40s.
Another smaller monument is located down the slope, fifty meters from the tower too. It is called the colonnaded monument, for it presents a twelve-column portico, of 1.50 meters high each.
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Keserwan District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Kesrouan District
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