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Embark on the rhythm of life! 
Carré d'artistes launches its new seasonal exhibition from March 1st to May 31st, 2024. 

"Danser la vie" is the title of this exhibition, drawing inspiration from two mesmerizing paintings by David Jamin, where his subjects dance with vaporous grace and magnificent, roomy "gestuelle". Staying true to the theme, Jamin often features dancers, musicians and dandies as the protagonists of his artistic narratives. 

Alongside these two inspired figures in motion, our gallery walls showcase works that echo the same theme: Abelardo Hernandez’s canvases depict dancing colors engaged in an exotic Merengue beneath the warmth of the Caribbean sun; Naen's ethereal brushstrokes craft a ballet in performance; Naï and Lionel Valot's strokes waltz towards an imaginary, suspended world; Virginie Schroeder's syringes swing in a sinious dance of her own technique; Bjerker's and Lamboley's brushes twirl in a dripping fashion; Daniel Castan's knives slice through and stretch into luminous grand-écarts; as a former fashion designer Gustavsen's scissors tailor elegant chassés-croisés; Patrick Rousseau's canvases perform prodigious entrechats, bridging the artistic realms of Paris and New York; Fady Chammas' old houses draw gracious arabesques;  Mona Nahle's collages develop a stunning "plié jeté"; the luxuriant tree leaves of Nada Kouyoumdjian stage while falling some " demi pointes", and Tatiana Stéphan's alcohol ink produce pirouetting effects! All these articulate choreographies will be divinely accompanied by Marie Pierre Kühn on the piano, the jazzy moods of Martine Dechavanne aka Fauve and the melodious lyrics that exudes from Jessy Tabet's urban landscapes. 

Carré d'artistes pledges this season to dance through the canvas of life. Be part of the enchantment. We are eagerly waiting for you for this artsy face to face: After all, it takes two to tango! 
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Event by

Period: Mar 1, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Next Event: Apr 17, 2024

Age Limit: All ages

Price Range: Free

Art Gallery
Open at 10:00
Fakhrey Bey Street
Beirut District, Beirut Governorate