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Echoes from Lebanon
Echoes from Lebanon
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Echoes from Lebanon

Echoes from Lebanon is a Virtual Art Exhibition under the theme of Arts & Politics. The concept was created and organized by “I Have Learned Academy” in collaboration with “Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung”, Lebanon Office.
The purpose is to show how people expressed their feelings from the recent events and situations in Lebanon: hope, pain, love, anger… Many emotions were expressed through Art. Due to the corruption, Beirut Blast, and financial challenges, many people and artists sublimated the suffering by making something beautiful out of every situation.Echoes from Lebanon is a scream from Lebanon to the world, a shout to be heard echoing all over the world…

Important Disclaimer:

The artworks and descriptions represent each artist by himself and do not represent a collective opinion from all artists or a personal opinion from the organizers and collaborators.

Exhibiting Artists :
Adra Kandil (Dear Nostalgia) | Alfred Badr (EpS) | Alia Maria Chaaraoui | Amani Beainy | Armen Gevorgian (Arame Gallery) | Bernard Hage (The Art of Boo) | Bilal Jawish | Brahim Samaha | Carlos Haidamous |  Carmen Yahchouchi | Christine Kettaneh | Dahlia Ezzeddine | Dalal Atallah El-Jurdi | Danielle El-Hayek | Diana Jeha | Eddy Choueiry | Eliana El-Morr | Elyse Khoury | Emile E. Issa | Fatima Dia | Georgi Bitar | Ghaleb Cabbabe | Ghaleb Hawila | Hady Beydoun | Hayat Nazer | Imad Abou Jaoude | Ingrid Naccour | Ivan Debs | Jad Ghorayeb | Joe Sokhn | Karim Tamerji | Léa Nasnas Chami | MarieJoe Raidy | Michel Chamaa | Mohamad Tohme I Nabil Debs | Nabil Ismail | Nada Raphael | Nivine Massoud | Nour Flayhan | Omar Frangieh | Omar Imady | Omar Sfeir | Rabih Yassine | Rachel Mouawad | Rami Kanso | Rami Rizk | Randa Farah | Raouf Rifai | Rim El Assal | Roger Moukarzkel | Roula Abdo | Said Mahmoud | Salma Siblini | Samar Hawa | Samer Nehmé | Sandra Sahyoun | Sarah Richani | Sasha Haddad | Sayde Jabra | Selim Mawad | Shafic Al-Timani | Tamara Haddad | Tiffany Moujaes | Tom Young | Yara Zarrui | Zaynab Mourad | Zeinab Assaad

The Exhibition has 4 rooms: 

1) Lebanon’s Struggles: all problems in Lebanon like: pollution, waste crisis, electricity, dollar crisis, abandoned trains, neglected heritage, corruption, forest fires, poverty, politicians, emigration from Lebanon, etc 2) Thawra: The Lebanese Scream: The Revolution that started in October 2020 including the independence day, human chain, etc3) 4 August 2020:The Beirut Explosion: The day of the Beirut Port blast4) The Aftermath on Ground Zero: what happened after the explosion day 
Visit the Exhibition on

Intro on Have Learned Academy:

I Have Learned Academy is a professional training center, a place where you can learn everything that you didn’t learn at school!Providing Educational Workshops & Training and organizing professional conferences, corporate events, exhibitions and more!Check their upcoming Workshops & Events here:

Intro on Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung:

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is a German political party foundation. The foundation’s headquarters are located in Sankt Augustin near Bonn and Berlin. Globally, the KAS has 78 offices and runs programs in over 100 countries. This event is in partnership with the Lebanon’s office.

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Echoes from Lebanon

Period: Jul 2, 2023 - Dec 30, 2023

Next Event: May 21, 2024

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