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UNTITLED Abstractions Exhibition
UNTITLED Abstractions Exhibition
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UNTITLED Abstractions Exhibition
UNTITLED 077’ is a series of exhibits, talks, and events organized by The Dalloul Art Foundation (DAF) in Beirut.

This project seeks to answer questions such as:

Why do we expect an artwork to have a title? 
When did titles become a necessity in the art world? 
And how does titling feature in modern and contemporary Arab art?
To attend, schedule a tour on Dalloul Art Foundation's website
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Event by
UNTITLED Abstractions Exhibition

Period: Jul 6, 2023 - Dec 8, 2023

Next Event: Dec 5, 2023

Art Gallery
Open at 9:00
Mme Curie, White Tower Building, 2nd Floor, Beirut, Liban
Beirut District, Beirut Governorate