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Byblos Old Souk

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Old Souk
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Byblos Old Souk

The Old Souk of Byblos is located in the southeastern corner of the historic city, near the entrance gate to the archaeological site. Constructed during the Ottoman regime, this market place reflects their economic spirit.

Initially, the Souk consisted of khans (inns), retail businesses, and horse stables. Today, visitors, tourists, and locals alike are free to explore, learn about the history, and shop for souvenirs, antiques, local crafts, and other merchandise.

In addition to the traditional market, there are now several clubs and open-air bars in the Old Souk that serve food and drinks, play great music, and offer a lively nightlife experience that draws visitors from around the world. This bustling Mediterranean city is always full of activity, and the market place is rarely empty.

Be sure to take a leisurely stroll through this medieval marketplace and admire its beautiful and sophisticated architecture.

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Discovering Byblos
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