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Ardoum Winery

Table d'hôtes
Mountain cabin
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Ardoum Winery
Ardoum i.e The wine of earth, springing from the soil of altitude and passion.
A dedication to the art, a perseverance to the legacy.
Inspired by the wine presses surrounding his village Mtein, an environment abundant with wineries, a fertile soil of good men & blessings, on a green hill dressed in pine trees and a climate just perfect to produce the right essence, Joseph Khairallah absorbed the riches of the mountain he grew up in to become a wine-maker himself.

Vision, Strong Will, Determination, Sacrifice, Passion, Loyalty, Perseverance and Love are the main pillars upon which he created his legacy with his bare hands.

30 years of knowledge, experience and ever-growing care passed on to his son Christian who got influenced by the power of his old man’s labor.

The pulse of this winery pumped stronger when Christian met Jacky, the love of his life. Jacky with her involvement in nature and outdoor activities, more prominently hiking on the mountain trails, and her support and belief in local products and homemade businesses, a wider horizon sprung for this wine family and new boundaries emerged taking Joseph’s vision to the next level.

Nothing is impossible for those willing – a wheel that will never stop spinning and a winery that will always see life through the children of Christian and Jacky, the legacy that got carried on from one generation to another.
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Discovering Mtein
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Bohsaya Street
Mtein +
Matn District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Matn & Aley
Matn & Aley
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Lebanese cuisine
Local food
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In a village
Mountain view
Valley View
Get in touch with us
+961 70 441 646