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Beit Noun

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Beit Noun
A 100 year old family house sitting on a large land surrounded by stunning wilderness. BeitNoun, an ancestral yet contemporary Boutique Guesthouse.
Beit Noun was set out to be Edouard and Isabelle Noun’s family home which they started building in the 1930s. It grew to be known as El Hara, encompassed by rich olive, cherry, fig and apple trees. The villagers participated in the construction of the house and later on in the harvesting and nurturing of the home. They still remember that period with pride and nostalgia.

The houses, the columns and the entryway were built with beautiful colossal stones. We wonder till this day how they were mysteriously transported from other villages- the story says they used to be rolled all the way up to the Hara.

By the mid 40’s the House became a heritage for the whole village as well as an attractive scene for leaders, renowned figures and travelers alike.

Going into the 60’s, The Golden Age of Lebanon, filled with international movie stars and a buzzing nightlife, the country was a glamorous, fantasy location for tourists. This was translated into Beit Noun, where they used to sit around warm campfires, under the starry skies, playing guitar and music all night.

Coming around to the 90’s, Beit Noun was all about bucolic family lunches. The extended family would gather on weekends and holidays and host generous lunches which would turn into dinner and carry on to the early hours of the next day. It was all about enjoying each other’s presence, celebrating family, food, tradition, music, honoring the history and characteristics of the home in their own new way.

If the stones of the house could speak, they would tell you of the magical gatherings, vibrant parties and copious lunches hosted over the years, each expressing the virtues of the times.

Today, the property is naturally evolving into what it should be and always has been; a place to relax, a place to be with loved-ones, family and friends, a place to re-awaken your roots, to escape and evade your worries; and most importantly, a place to call home.

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Jbeil District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Jbeil District
Jbeil District
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