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Haraj, Cafe

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Haraj, Cafe

Souk Haraj is considered as one of the oldest  and most important commercial markets in Tripoli. it's situated between the two places "Malaha" and "Dabbagha" . The history of it construction goes up to the epoch of Mameluks , and maybe  before this epoch, it's distinct from the other makerts and khans for having four gates wich open in the four directions around a vast yard approximatively of a square form, in the centre of wich of which there are two columns of Granit imported from "Egypt" "Faraonic ". it is surrounded by shops based on twelve columns of Granit. Above which there are rooms used as an hotel for the merchants who used to come with their goods for seeling them at auction. Hence it look its name "Souk Haraj" and it is a wakf of Emir "Manjak Bacha " who has many wakfs in Tripoli, Damascus and other Cities

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Tripoli District, North Governorate
Tripoli & Denniyeh
Tripoli & Denniyeh
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