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Diaspora Village

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Diaspora Village

Diaspora Village (DV) is a project initiated by Lebanese Diaspora Energy with the aim to create a hub for the Lebanese Diaspora in their homeland in order to build and support a cohesive and dynamic community. Diaspora Village’s members will interact culturally, socially, educationally and economically . It will be a point of reference for any information and research on the respective Diaspora.

It is a unique place, combining activities of a museum and its library, a guest house, an indoor multipurpose hall, an outdoor square for special events, a café, a gift shop, a bakery, a studio and several houses for Diaspora of Lebanese origin around the world.

It is a place where diaspora can gather in their respective Houses to share experiences, hold events, lectures, and mostly keep the link between each other’s, their homeland, and their country of residency.

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1400 Batroun +
Batroun District, North Governorate
Batroun District
Batroun District
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