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Bentael Nature reserve

Nature Reserve
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Bentael Nature reserve

On the coastline north of Beirut and on the eastern side of the town of Jbeil, rests Bentael Nature Reserve. Stretching from east to west, it covers a surface area of approximately 110 hectares at an elevated altitude of 300m to 800m.

The reserve is divided into different zones, one zone is specifically designed for the cultivation of distinctive Mediterranean vegetation, another 21 hectares are coated with 50- and 60-year-old solid pine trees, and other areas are covered with 330 beautiful and glamorous flower species of which 60 strands are used for medicine purposes.

Bentael Nature Reserve is rich and prosperous in underground caves and water reservoirs, in addition to being a shelter and a home for many animals like foxes, porcupines, rodents, wild boars and many more. The appropriate sunshine directed at the reserve makes the environment ideal for the habitat of several reptile species like snakes, chameleons and more.

Moreover, the location of the reserve serves as a great resting spot for migrating birds, especially the White Stork. The reserve has been announced as an Important Bird Area (IBA) in 2008.

There are 2 access gates to the reserve: 1 near the suburbs of Mechehlene and the second from the top region of Bentael. A powerful appreciation towards nature will be ignited in your soul as you hike through the reserve infused with cultural heritage and archaeological sites.

In the Reserve you will find:

  • St. John’s rock-cut hermitage and chapel that dates back to the 12th Century
  • ‘Saint Theodore’ church, which is the oldest church in Lebanon, approximately 1 km from Bentael Village
  • A stone sculpture dating back to 1,500 BC that demonstrates ‘The Sacrifice in the Phoenician culture’
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