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The ‘Cedars of God’ forest

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The ‘Cedars of God’ forest

The ‘Cedars of God’ forest also known as ‘Arez ar-Rabb’ is considered one of the last remaining ashes and traces of the Cedar forests in Lebanon. The cedar forests in Lebanon highly contributed to the wealth and prosperity of the entire country along its history. Across all the civilization eras that passed through Lebanon and left a mark, the Timber from the cedar forests were employed, highly valued and used for different reasons, including shipbuilding and the mummification process by the Egyptians, and railway construction by the Ottoman Empire. The Phoenicians even used the cedar wood for their merchant fleets.

The story of the 'Cedars of God' forest dates back to 1876, when Queen Victoria funded the construction of a towering stone wall that would surround the 102-hectare woodland. Situated at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level, this magnificent forest can be found in close proximity to the 'Kadisha Valley,' boasting towering trees that reach over 35 meters.

The timberland, which was added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites in 1998, is a meticulously protected forest that requires an authorized guide for visitors. In 1985, the forest underwent a significant restoration process that involved the removal of dead organic matter, treatment of diseased plants, soil fertilization, and a reforestation initiative. It is a delightful destination for anyone interested in exploring nature, and during the winter, the sight of snow blanketing the trees creates a breathtaking scene.

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Becharre District, North Governorate
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Becharre District
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