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Chnaniir Nature Reserve

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Nature Reserve
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Chnaniir Nature Reserve

In the Kesrouan district, and around the suburbs of Chnaniir rests the Mshaa Chnaniir Natural Reserve. It was founded in 2010 and is barricaded by the neighboring towns of Meerab, Ghosta, Ghazir, Dlebta, and Jounieh. The Chnaniir Nature Reserve is coated with an abundant forest of oak and pine trees.

Established by law in 2010, it is the smallest protected Nature Reserve in terms of size and range. Since it is established by law, it cannot be altered or eliminated without approval from all of the 128 deputies – for the sake of our children and theirs.

A committee has been carefully selected and grouped, alongside a contemporary team to maintain, sustain, and preserve the reserve. A pedestrian passageway was also built in the reserve by the National Committee.

Corridors overlooking Jounieh Bay were newly constructed and a delivery speech by the Chairman of the Committee Brigadier General Boutros Abi Nasr aimed to demonstrate and present to the public the intention, meaning, and aim of establishing the corridors.

The main purposes include strolling in nature to appreciate the terrain absent from pollution and noise, and establishing a ground that allows for the progress and carrying out of scientific research and other environmental and biological diversity affairs.

Overall, the Mshaa Chnaniir Natural Reserve is well equipped to receive visitors, tourists and even school students from neighboring cities and towns to recognize, discover, and gain information about the reserve and its enclosed wildlife.

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