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Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve

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Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve
Located in Kesrouan province in Lebanon, ‘Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve’ shines a rare combination of history and biodiversity. The entire district comprising of Jabal Moussa and the neighboring villages joined the UNESCO network of biosphere reserves as part of the Man and Biosphere agenda (MAB) in 2009.

With the help of a participatory and flexible-to-adapt program, and as an element of the ‘MAB’ program, advancement in the lifestyle and standard of living of the inhabitants and preservation of nature is addressed by the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve. It is situated in the middle of excessive human activities with an aim to protect the environment, the natural heritage remains intact and is home for many endangered species of plants, animals and even birds.

Its slanted hills are coated with thick forests filled with numerous oak and pine trees making the environment very suitable and safe for scarce and endangered mammals like wolves, hyenas and rock hyraxes. Moreover, a Global Important Bird Area (IBA) containing more than 137 different species of migratory and high-reaching birds is allocated in the territory.

Established in 2007, the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa aspires towards preserving the biodiversity, maintaining and caring for the cultural heritage of Jabal Moussa and the neighboring suburbs. The ‘APJM’ is a non-Governmental and non-Profit organization that serves the Jabal Moussa Biosphere reserve (JMBR). There are several spiritual and archaeological sites in Jabal Moussa that have illustrated the interrelationship between the humans and nature. Some of these landmarks are:
  • Mystic Adonis Valley as a death site of god Adonis as per Phoenician legend
  • Roman stairs adjacent to the southern slope of the hill
  • Rock designs by the Roman Emperor Hadrian
  • Remnants of an ancient village secluded in the mountain
  • Mar Geryes Monastery
  • A Cross at the mountain crest.

The Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa operates different activities and schemes which are grouped into three classifications.

  • Review and scientific research schemes.
  • Three provincial tree nurseries catering for reforestation.
  • Restoration of degraded sites.
  • “Tabsoun Tabsoun” – a Kids book aiming at environmental awareness.
  • Handbooks employed to identify distinct flowers and trees.
Socio-Economic development:
  • Manufacturing and marketing of “Jabal Moussa” edible & artifact commodities.
  • Bundles for accompanied and escorted hiking activities within the reserve.
  • Provincial guesthouses providing all basic accommodation essentials.
Access Roads to Jabal Moussa:
  • Beirut- Zouk Mosbeh- Meyrouba- Qehmez/Baydar el-shawk entrance (about 50 minutes)
  • Beirut- Jounieh- Ghazir- Ghineh- Nahr ed Dahab/ Mchati entrance (about 60 minutes)
  • Beirut- Jounieh- Nahr Ibrahim- Yahchouch/Assnawbar entrance (about 75 minutes)
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