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Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve
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Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve

According to the law of February 24, 1999, the natural reserve of Tannourine (North Lebanon) is part of the big Lebanese reserves.
Located in the hills of Batroun, this reserve is 100 km far from Beirut, and its altitude is between 1250 and 1870 m.

This reserve embraces a great view: an immense cedar forest that includes 400 000 trees, three abysses, and a vast archeological valley.
The mountains and the cliffs cannot but render the reserve more and more charming: This reserve is a real treasure for hikers. In fact, the forest landscape that constitutes it is amazing: a thousand-color-flora, including 300 plant species as well as a large fan of tulips and carnations. As for the fauna, it includes most of the wild animals like the wolf, the fox, and the hyena. It also shelters birds which twittering enchants all the strollers.

Visitors can enjoy many activities in this reserve like: speleology, mountain climbing, archery, and trails for VTT bicycles.
If hunger calls, some traditional restaurants welcome tourists and visitors.

Moreover, the forest of Tannourine allows visitors to enjoy the view of Ain el-Raha Valley. As for excavation lovers, there are remnants of churches and objects that belonged to the hermits who lived in this reserve.

However, there are rules that should be respected: for instance, hunting is prohibited.
It is important to discover and rediscover this reserve because every little corner in it is a real haven of piece and tranquility.

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Tannourine El Fawqa +
Batroun District, North Governorate
Batroun District
Batroun District
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