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Wilderness adventure in Kfardebian

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Wilderness adventure in Kfardebian
Wilderness adventure in Kfardebian
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Throughout the day, we immerse ourselves in the natural surroundings of Kfardebian. Our experiences include testing our skills in the art of archery, uncovering the hidden secrets of a cave, and trekking through a lush forest abundant with hairy oaks. The combination of invigorating activities and tranquil moments make for a truly harmonious experience.
Wilderness Adventure in Kfardebian :

It's Time to Discover the Natural Treasures of Kfardebian

Meet at Saint Ephrem Kfardebian Church
We meet at the Saint Ephrem church to get to know our fellow travelers for the day.
Visit to Kfardebian Natural Bridge
Located nearly 3.5 km from the ruins of Fakra, this bridge is an extraordinary natural construction. Many fossilized stones are scattered under and around this bridge which is around 200 years old.
After contemplating this magnificent bridge, we embark on an archery session, learning the technique, precision work, concentration, and guaranteed fun!
Explore the Nebaa el Saki cave
After letting off steam, we return to nature, whose subterranean beauty we discover this time: we embark on the exploration of the Nebaa el Saki cave.
Lebanese lunch
After all these emotions, a moment of rest is welcome: we relax and enjoy a refreshing soda or a non-alcoholic beer. Then comes the Lebanese lunch: on the side of the cold mezes, there are raw vegetables, tabbouleh, fattouche, hummus, Mtabal, Labneh... For the hot mezes: fries, makanek, eggs with meat, grilled meats. We try out best to save room for dessert.
Hike among Turkey Oaks
This is one of the most extraordinary places in Kfardebian: The Turkey Oak Forest. The hike is relatively easy and allows you to contemplate these rare trees and discover the local flora and, if you are lucky, fauna of the region. We pass near an old grape press. All this in a wonderfully soothing calm.
It's already the end of the day...
... and the time for each participant to head back to their vehicle.
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Number of attendees:5 - 15 personnes
Cancellation policy
  • Cancellation 72 hours before tour
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes
Meeting Information
Meeting place:Saint Ephrem Church