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Baalbek, from the Jurd to the Roman temples

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Baalbek, from the Jurd to the Roman temples
Baalbek, from the Jurd to the Roman temples
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Baakbek is renowned for the world-famous international festival it hosts, as well as the impressive ruins of its majestic Roman temples, including the largest cut stone in the world found nearby. However, the pre-Roman quarry site of "Maghar Al-Taheen," complete with its intriguing caves and galleries, as well as the Jurd, a mountain desert boasting moving ruins and traces of a bygone era, are lesser-known attractions. Are you prepared to explore Baalbek from a fresh perspective? Let's embark on this adventure!
Baalbek: Temples, Caves, and The Jurd :

We Invite You to Discover the Region of Baalbek Beyond Its Only Archaeological Site. The Latter Alone Is Worth the Detour, but it would be a shame to end your experience there; The Region boasts Other Treasures to Discover.

Breakfast in Baalbek
When we arrive in Baalbek, we stop for half an hour to enjoy a manoushe zaatar or jebneh (cheese), labneh and olives. It is also an opportunity to get to know our traveling companions.
Discovering the "Stone of the Pregnant Woman"
We spend some time near "The Stone of the Pregnant Woman", the largest carved stone in the world. The site offers a small path decorated with very interesting explanatory panels. A small souvenir shop awaits visitors. It contains real little treasures that we are happy to bring back with us.
In the heart of the galleries of Maghar Al-Taheen
The site of Maghar Al-Taheen is made up of huge caves, in reality quarries dating from pre-Roman times, which are worth the detour. Its name, literally "flour cave", comes from the powdery appearance of the limestone rock that composes it. The site seemed to have fallen into oblivion until a few years ago. We can now visit it.
On the way to the Jurd of Baalbek
Part of Baalbek also includes the mountains overlooking the city. We head towards them and the "Jurd", this desert space in the Lebanese mountains, through a hiking trail over a distance of about 6 km, until reaching an altitude of 1200 to 1620 m. We then discover an old press and the ruins of towns and houses that have been abandoned for hundreds of years.
A well-deserved lunch
We then return to the Abou Adham restaurant for a tasty lunch.
Visit the famous Roman temples
You cannot leave Baalbek without going through the heart of the archaeological site, and its sublime and impressive Roman temples, including one of the largest in the world.
End of the day
After this visit, it's time to leave the place, your head filled with memories, and a mad desire to return one day!
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Number of attendees:10 - 15
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  • Cancellation 72 hours before tour
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Meeting place:Abou Adham Restaurant