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Nature, culture and crafts in Kfardebian

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Nature, culture and crafts in Kfardebian
Nature, culture and crafts in Kfardebian
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During this day, you will have the opportunity to discover the famous remains of Fakra, visit the Joura vineyard and taste its very delectable wines, as well as to learn about the artisanal manufacturing of soap. You will get the chance to create your own using essential oils and local flowers!
A Day in Kfardebian :

A Day Rich In Many Cultural And Artisanal Discoveries, And Flavors

Meeting point: Saint Ephrem Church
We meet at the Saint Ephrem church to get to know each other and begin the day.
Visit to Kfardebian Natural Bridge
Located nearly 3.5 km from the ruins of Fakra, this bridge is an extraordinary natural construction. Many fossilized stones are scattered under and around this bridge which is around 200 years old.
Visit the ruins of Fakra
Located at an altitude of 1600 m, the ruins of Fakra have attracted Western explorers since the 19th century, fascinated by their remarkable structure. These are the most important vestiges of Mount Lebanon, declared Ernest Renan in his “Mission de Phénicie”, in the years 1860 and 70. The site of Fakra has been the subject of several archaeological and historical studies, but has never been thoroughly excavated.
Hike from Fakra Ruins to Joura Vineyard
After admiring the ruins, we take an intermediate level hiking trail. We can observe magnificent views of the village, along the pine trees. We arrive at the vineyard where a new experience awaits us.
Visit of the Joura Vineyard
The visit begins with the discovery of all the places. We are then invited to taste three wines, accompanied by special breads, and three kinds of cheese and charcuterie. Fresh fruits and vegetables, pesto, olives, thyme and jam, complete the whole experience!
Experience soap making
We then discover another local craft: soap making. We listen to the explanations of the philosophy of "Loubna Soap", concerning the process of making soap and more precisely the making of cold soap. As an option, you can take a short walk to discover the botanical species of the surroundings, and in particular those used for soaps. Next, the ingredients needed for production are prepared. We enjoy a short break for an herbal tea before everyone starts creating their own soap, with essential oils and flower buds. This is a beautiful souvenir to take home with you!
It's the end of the day
We return by taxi to our vehicles.
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Number of attendees:5 - 15 personnes
Cancellation policy
  • Cancellation 72 hours before tour
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes
Meeting Information
Meeting place:Saint Ephrem Church