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A day in the old town of Saida

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A day in the old town of Saida
A day in the old town of Saida
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A stunning day awaits in Saïda, perfect for exploring the enchanting old town with its narrow, picturesque streets and rich cultural heritage. Don't miss the chance to wander through the old souk and take in the sights and sounds of this fascinating destination.
Meeting for breakfast at the Sidon Rest House
The day starts on a good note with a traditional Lebanese breakfast at the Sidon Rest House, accompanied by a magnificent view of the citadel of Saida. Foul, Hommos, Msabbha, Fatteh or Mankoushe Jibneh or Zaatar... that's enough to satisfy our appetites until lunch!
Guided tour of the Castle of the Sea
Since the 13th century, the striking silhouette of this castle has towered over the city skyline, and it still stands today as a welcoming beacon for visitors arriving along the main axis of the city. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this historic site and delve into its fascinating past.
Guided tour of the Khan el Franj
Built by Emir Fakhreddine around the 17th century, the “French caravanserai” welcomed and housed merchants and traders, with their goods and merchandise from France. This encouraged trade relations with Europe.
Guided tour of Saint Nicholas Church
Dating back to the 8th century, Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is home to a significant historical artifact - the tomb that marks the intersection of Saint Paul and Saint Peter. With its meticulous restoration, this holy site offers a stunning and meaningful destination for visitors to explore.
Visit of the Ali Hammoud Palace
Lunch at the Sidon Rest House
Let's head over to the Sidon Rest House for lunch! After a fruitful morning of exploration, it's time for a well-deserved break. We can enjoy a delicious, authentic Lebanese meal and share our experiences.
Afternoon :

Stroll and Discoveries the Alleys of the Old Souk of Saïda

Guided tour
This tower, built in the 18th century by the Hammoud family was bought by the Debbané family in 1800. It is a fine example of Ottoman architecture, with its mosaics and carved wooden ceilings. It suffered a lot of damage during the civil war but it is now perfectly renovated. The Khan Sacy, for its part, is an underground space dating from the Crusader period. It is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent wonders of the old town of Saida. Vaulted rooms follow one another, revealing treasures to discover.
Visit and shop at the Soap Museum and the Château de Terre
This thematic museum tells the story of soap in the Middle East. It was installed in very beautiful vaulted rooms, where you can discover all the stages of making artisanal soap, out of olive oil. After that, a visit to the museum shop is a must! Whatever your skin type, you will inevitably find a soap that suits you... or any other souvenir of this beautiful discovery. We also take a tour of the Château de Terre, the first castle in Saïda, built in 1253 by King Saint-Louis.
Visit of the Hammam El Sheikh, and the al Omari Mosque if it is accessible
The Hammam El Sheikh allows you to discover the classic architecture of a hammam from the time of the Mamluks. Its dome is decorated with stained glass windows that let in colored light. If possible, on the day of the visit, you can also enter the Al Omari Great Mosque, located in the south of the Souk, towards the Saint Louis Church. Built in the 13th century, it was originally a Crusader building, in the form of a fortress.
Visit the old souk
It's time to stroll and enjoy the place, as well as to chat with local traders and craftsmen. Walking through the alleys of the old souk of Saïda, you will discover small shops and traditional stalls that offer some memories of the city.
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  • Tarif adulte : 50$
  • Enfant de 4 à 14 ans : 35$
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Number of attendees:10 - 15
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  • Distance : 3 à 4 KM
  • Niveau de difficulté : Facile
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Appointment time:08:50
Meeting place:Sidon Rest House