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Monastery of Saint Elichaa

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Monastery of Saint Elichaa

A picturesque pilgrimage site, the Deir Mar Elisha Monastery offers a breathtaking view of the Qannoubin Valley.

Deir Mar Elisha is carved out of the rock on a cliff to which you will be able to reach a staircase leading you to the main door.

You will be isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes and lulled by the peaceful atmosphere, which for centuries was the go to places of monks and hermits to retreat from all agitation.

The monastery is also rich in history, which makes it one of the most important places of this holy valley. It bore witness to the spiritual tradition of North Lebanon and is one of the cradles of the Maronite presence in the region.

The monastery was the residence of Bcharré bishops since 1315 but was probably built well before that date, it was restored once in 1533, and again at the beginning of the 18th century when it was occupied by the fathers Aleppins Mariamites who established their central seat there in 1696.

A fire devastated a wing of the convent in 1739 and was abandoned in 1874 by monks who had the ambition to build another monetary on the hill opposite to it. Many hermits found refuge there, devoting their days to fasting, manual labor or the study of sacred books.

It was much later, in 1951, that long renovations were completed. Cement, electricity, running water and the installation of telephones brought a sense of modernity to the old monastery, which had fallen into neglect.

Today, Deir Mar Elisha is also famous for being the birthplace of the Lebanese Maronite order and for hosting the holy hermit father Antonio Tarabay who spent 33 years there.

It houses an icon of St. Elisha dating back to the eighth century.

The only activity of the monastery has now is the museum which you can easily reach by car, or on foot from a path of Bcharré.

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Becharre District, North Governorate
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