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A Walk around Bazbina
This loop starts from the village of Bazbina and takes you to Nabaa ech Chouh, Mount Qellé, and even the mysterious ghost village of Kroum es Sammaqa.
Steps & Interest Points
Departure from Bazbina to Aïn et Tiné
The trail to Nabaa ech-Chouh el Aali (The Upper Source of Pines) starts in the village of Bazbina, in Wadi ed-Deir, also known as the Valley of the Monastery. The monastery in question is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul. It is located near the Monk's Spring (Aïn er-Raheb), from where the trail, lined with trees, leads you to the Fig Tree Spring (Aïn et-Tiné).
Heading towards the summit of Mount Qellé
The ascent to Mount Qellé begins, which is quite challenging, winding its way through the strawberry trees, Calliprinos oaks, and Infectoria oaks.
The ghost village of Kroum es Sammaqa
Once the ascent is completed, the trail becomes flat. You reach Aïn ej-Jawzet (the Walnut Spring) and the ghost village of Kroum es-Sammaqa, located next to Aïn Yaacoub (which is part of the village of Bazbina). The history of Kroum es-Sammaqa is full of mystery as the former inhabitants of the village were forced to leave it 200 years ago, but the exact reason remains unknown.
Return to Nabaa ech-Chouh el Aali
After leaving the village, the trail ascends again and leads us to Chaqdouf, and then to Nabaa ech-Chouh el Wati (the Lower Source of Pines) - you can see apple trees on either side of the trail as you make your way there - and finally to your last stop, Nabaa ech-Chouh el Aali.
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Trailhead Location
Bazbina +
Akkar District, Akkar Governorate
Trail caracteristics
Total Distance:
7.51 Km
Elevation Gain:
568.14 m
Difficulty level:
Elevation Loss:
39.01 m
Elevation Maximum:
1362.15 m
Elevation Minimum:
831.79 m
Trail Type:
One Way
Moving Time:
2 hours 20 minutes
3 hours 34 minutes
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes
Clothing appropriate for the season
Walking shoes