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Boukaat Loubnan Trail: North-Beqaa Trail - Barka Ouyoune Orgosh
The trail starts from the village of Barka and starts to slope up amid an array of oak trees, where hikers climb to reach the yard and chapel of Saydet el Ataya. Standing there, enjoy the splendid view of the Beqaa plain and the Anti-Lebanon Mountain Range. From Saydet el Ataya, the trail passes a farm and continues towards Daher el Qadib and Ouyoune Orgosh under the form of a dirt road that crosses the valley that separates Rabiaa from Nabha. From that valley, the trail starts to slope up while being surrounded by beautiful junier trees, and reaches the high plateau above the area of Ouyoune Orgosh known as "Dahr el Ouyoune". From the Dahr el Ouyoune plateau, follow the dirt road towards Nabee el Shimaly water spring (drinkable water). With that, you have reached the area of Ouyoune Orgosh, where you can camp or spend the night in a chalet. 

More information on Boukaat Loubnan Trail website.

Trail Highlight

Add elegancy and flavor to your hike by going to Chateau Barqa for wine tasting. Wine lovers can extend their visit for a wine tour in both the villages of Barka, Beshwate and Deir el Ahmar. You can also enjoy lunch and a relaxing afternoon in one of the restaurants of Ouyoune Orgosh on the banks of the lakes. For accommodation, it is possible to book a chalet in Rabiaa or Ainata. Cultural enthousiasts can drive to Nabha to explore the Roman mosaic located in the center of the town. Religious tourists can visit the Lady of Beshwate and drive to Deir el Ahmar to enjoy a religious and cultural tour in town.

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Trailhead Location
Baalbek District, Baalbek-Hermel Governorate
Trail caracteristics
Total Distance:
13 KM
Difficulty level:
Ascension totale:
994 m
Descente totale:
198 m
Elevation Maximum:
2226 m
Elevation Minimum:
1324 m
Carry sunscreen with you
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Clothing appropriate for the season
Walking shoes