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Erouba - The Roof of Akkar
Credit: Council of Environment
A hike that starts from Nabi Khaled to the summit of Mount Erouba: nicknamed the roof of Akkar, it reaches an altitude of 2240 meters.
This hike follows the trail to the summit of Mount Erouba from Nabi Khaled to the "roof of Akkar," at an altitude of 2240 meters. Relatively challenging during the ascent phase, this walk reveals fabulous landscapes.
Steps & Interest Points
Departure from Nabi Khaled
The magnificent site of Nabi Khaled, located in the Qammoua region, is characterized by the presence of a large cedar tree, alongside the two tallest Lebanese oak trees. These trees protect the tomb of Nabi Khaled, considered a holy man.
The Forest Crossing
The hike starts on a flat trail that gradually ascends and crosses a forest of old walnut trees. It then leads to a natural amphitheater that is 10 million years old, with rocks shaped by nature over the ages. The trail is marked by some of these rocks, as well as by fir trees and Cilician junipers mingling with cedars and buckthorns.
On the way to the top of Akkar
After the forest, the ascent of Mount Erouba begins, with a stair-like slope. The climb is quite challenging, but the magnificent landscape more than makes up for the efforts! The view becomes increasingly beautiful as you progress in the ascent and catch sight of Qammoua, the entire Akkar region, its plain and hill, and the neighboring Syria. The ascent becomes easier around 2000 meters above sea level, and the peak of Akkar is just a few steps away, at an altitude of 2240 meters.
Return to Nabi Khaled
The return journey to Nabi Khaled begins with a descent along the ridge of Erouba. This ridge overlooks the valleys and small mountains, providing a view of the colorful Marjhine plain in the Hermel district. After descending the south and west slopes, Erouba can be admired in all its splendor. From the foot of the mountain, it takes about an hour to reach Nabi Khaled through the forest.
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Trailhead Location
Nabi Khaled
Fneidik +
Akkar District, Akkar Governorate
Trail caracteristics
Total Distance:
11.45 Km
Elevation Gain:
684.88 m
Elevation Loss:
684.88 m
Difficulty level:
Elevation Maximum:
2195.16 m
Elevation Minimum:
1535.88 m
Trail Type:
One Way
Moving Time:
3 hours 5 minutes
6 hours 23 minutes
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes
Clothing appropriate for the season