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From Nabi Khaled to Fneidek Forest, passing through a rocky maze
Credit: Council of Environment
This hike is a loop that takes us from the site of Nabi Khaled in Qamouaa to a natural bridge, passing through a labyrinthine path amidst rocks and the Fneidek forest.
Steps & Interest Points
The starting point of this hike is the site of the tomb of the prophet Nabi Khaled, under the two largest star cedars in Lebanon and a very large cedar tree.
Stage 1
We head towards Mount Aruba, overlooking the site of Nabi Khaled, walking towards the ancient rocks, estimated to be around 10 million years old, after passing under walnut trees.
Stage 2
We enter rocky corridors. We veer to the left and descend through a path of stones broken by snow, until we reach a cedar forest overlooking the Fafu'ah plains on the left and the site of Nabi Khaled on the right.
Stage 3
Then, we turn right towards a beautiful small natural bridge. We continue until we reach a dirt road, and then turn left towards Nabi Khaled.
Stage 4
The last part of the hike is quite short. It takes us to a forest of oaks (a 20-minute descent), known as the Fneidek Forest, named after the nearby village. Green in spring and summer, golden in early autumn, and bare in winter, this forest is sustained by squirrels that bury acorns in the ground. From the forest, we reach Nabi Khaled via a circular path.
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Trailhead Location
Fneidik +
Akkar District, Akkar Governorate
Trail caracteristics
Total Distance:
9.38 Km
Elevation Gain:
320.95 m
Elevation Loss:
320.95 m
Difficulty level:
Elevation Maximum:
1737.36 m
Elevation Minimum:
1426.76 m
Trail Type:
Moving Time:
2 hours 46 minutes
5 hour
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Clothing appropriate for the season