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Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve Trail 11: Chouwan Cultural Trail
This trail is a true remote hike into wilderness, and yet is peppered with several cultural landmarks including two abandoned farms of the Ottoman Period surrounded by agricultural terraces. Next to the first abandoned farm is an olive press. Further down towards the lake, one can observe two water mills where the ancestral mechanisms of wheat grinding are still visible. A partly reconstructed stone bridge, linking between the cazas of Jbeil and Kesserwan, will allow the visitors to cross the historic Adonis River (Nahr Ibrahim). This trail offers an overview of the economic infrastructure and typology of the Lebanese farmers in the 19th century.

Start point: Chouwan entrance
End point: Chouwan entrance


  • Start at the Chouwan entrance where an APJM boutique and its facilities are available for all hikers.
  • Easy walk downhill along a trail that crosses over Chouwan river, then over Adonis river through an ancient stone bridge, and reaches the Ottoman site of Chouwan.
  • Back on the same trail to Chouwan entrance.
Interest Point

Explore the different points of interest along the trail.

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Trailhead Location
Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve Boutique - Chouwan Entrance
Chouwen +
Keserwan District, Mount Lebanon Governorate
Trail caracteristics
Total Distance:
2.5 km
1h hike
Difficulty level:
Elevation Loss:
Elevation Gain:
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes
Walking shoes