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Hiking Day at Ayn Tabet, Kobayat-Akkar Al Atika
Credit: Council of Environment
This hiking trail boasts a plethora of natural wonders, including lush vegetation, diverse geology, and breathtaking landscapes. The route features a variety of tree species, such as fir, oak, pine, and juniper, as well as scattered fossils along the way.
Steps & Interest Points
Start of Trail
The trail starts at Jouret El Chi’ir (the barley ditch), descends to Maql El Snawbar, ascends to an enchanting grove of iron oak trees, and ends at Kef Wehbe.
Arrival to Kef Wehbe, Coffee break
The term "Kef Wehbe" is a local expression used to describe a rocky formation resembling a veranda. The trail boasts a wealth of fossil discoveries along the way.
Arrival to Wadi Al Aswad
Journeying further along the trail, hikers will cross Wadi Al Aswad (the black valley) en route to Ayn Tabet spring, which provides a convenient spot for refilling water supplies. The valley is distinguished by its dense population of fir trees.
Arrival at Mastabe
The next destination is Mastabe, offering a serene vantage point and refreshing breeze. The panoramic vistas are truly amazing. At this point, hikers can take a lunch break and enjoy a bonfire and coffee. Please note that guides must bring and carry the food along the journey.
Return by Loop Trail
The path brings us back to Jouret El Chi'ir, with beautiful images to fill our eyes and memories to fill our minds.
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Trailhead Location
Kobayat +
Akkar District, Akkar Governorate
Trail caracteristics
Difficulty level:
Total Distance:
10.95 Km
Elevation Maximum:
1460.29 m
Elevation Minimum:
1299.66 m
Trail Type:
Elevation Loss:
296.87 m
Elevation Gain:
296.87 m
5 hours
Moving Time:
2 hours 44 minutes
Take a hat or a cap
Take a water bottle
Wear comfortable shoes
Wear comfortable clothes
Clothing appropriate for the season
Walking shoes